Determination of the cytotoxic capacity of organotin compounds derivatives from salicylidene benzoylhidrazone

Berrones Reyes, Jessica Cecilia (2015) Determination of the cytotoxic capacity of organotin compounds derivatives from salicylidene benzoylhidrazone. Maestría thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

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The successful application of metal complexes in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer, is a rapidly expanding area in biomedical chemistry and research. Organotin compounds studies show the versatility and the attractive features of these molecules. In the same manner, has been reported the development of new compounds derivative from bezoylhidrazones, which possess the azomethine fragment (-N = CH-), key pillar for designing new drugs with biological activity. Based on the above, we are interested in to synthesize four tin compounds derivatives from benzoylhidrazones, and the evaluation of their cytotoxic capacity. Conclusions and contribution: In this research work, we reported four new tin compounds derivatives from bezoylhidrazones, which were characterized by spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques and X-ray diffraction In the same manner, cytotoxic ability of each compound was studied and reported and compared with metaled base drugs like cisplatin and carboplatin. Also, in some cases it was possible to use their luminescent ability to study their intracellular behavior.

Tipo de elemento: Tesis (Maestría)
Información adicional: Tesis (Master of Science with orientation in Pharmacy) UANL, 2015.
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